Three hours to deadline, and the WC is not yet finalised. It’s ok I have coffee.

My experiment, catching the price rises, whilst not so joy bringing, resulted in 1 player making a profit (Son) and 4 players increasing in value (Grealish, Castagne, Wilson & Martinez).

Reading the boards this last 24 hours, I can’t help but wonder what the average hits number might be, I am looking forward to a green arrow before a ball is kicked, that’s for sure. Once again the International Break, has resulted in some injuries, notably Kevin De Bruyne. Looks like his price will drop tonight, this combined with City’s upcoming difficult fixtures, has reinforced my decision to drop him from my wild card.

My biggest WC decision was where to put the most money, to some extent my hand was forced by the emerging template midfield of Salah Son Rodriguez (De Bruyne). Further to this, is there any point putting money in defence when clean sheets are, so far, hard to come by ?

Overall, 0.5m spent upgrading at the back almost always nets you more points than spending it in midfield or attack. In the last three seasons, the best approach would have been to get the highest-scoring defenders, no matter the cost.


The thing is this season is so different to the last three, there seems to be reduced home advantage and a wide disparity in player sharpness – I think I need to add manager competence in here too, there are certain teams I am avoiding because I have little faith in the manager.

Under/over performance and returning to the norm, is also shaping my thoughts. Whilst Calvert Lewin has had an incredible start to the season, xG 3.39 actual goals 6, the quality of the players around him and the strength of his manager Ancelotti lead me to believe his value is immense, even if his form wavers.

Bamford is another over achiever, 3 goal returns in 4 matches, he has saved my game week on a regular basis, sentiment drives me to keep him this week, that and a lack lustre Wolves team. I will be watching Brewster (4.5) against Fulham, an enabler with price rise potential, hopefully nailed. This is the psycho season after all, no room for empathy.

When I look at teams in the over/under performing category, when is the Burnley defence we know and love returning ? Have Arsenal assets permanently dropped off the radar ? What’s got West Ham fizzing and Villa buzzing ? Should we avoid the Manchester men for a month or so ?

My strategy moving forward is ‘options’, no blind alleys. I am also considering team value and minimal hits. My OR of 2.4m means I need some sort of differential every week, and most importantly I need to improve my captaincy choices – Salah perma captain is a simple resolution for now.

This week’s differential is fielding both Son and Kane, I am sticking with 3 at the back, I am ignoring the popular bias against captaining a player in the first match of the game week.

Game Week 5 & Wildcard Reveal